Critical Reviews


The works of I-Hsiung Ju show the refinements and delicate strokes of Chinese calligraphy. The brush strokes demand complete mastery since the artist's ideas are portrayed immediately with a few strokes.

Despite the Mandarin artist's deviations, the overpowering sense of Chinese tradition permeates in his works. I-Hsiung Ju is considered by quite a number of art critics as the Chinese master in the country. His works are excellently executed and exhilaratingly spontaneous.

Rodolfo G. Tupas, The Sunday Times, Manila

In Ju' s work is seen the great plasticity of the Chinese brush, especially evident structural strength of his strokes and the tranquility and nuance of his ink.

Ju's brush has a fascinating disciplined freedom-one can see its sure and firm movements-accomplishing silk-thread-thin lines to luxuriant swaths of ink, creating infinite variation of shapes, and producing different shades and tints in a single stroke.

Marl 0. Henson, Manila Chronicle

In order to be a true artist, one must be a poet, a calligrapher, and a philosopher, a dedicated scholar.

Thus has I-Hsiung Ju, in the development of this sensibility , written and published books and articles on Chinese art, and plays, and poems, and could discuss in an evening with equal ease Hai-ku verse, surrealistic poetry, 15th century Chinese novels, Cezanne and Beethoven, and find no difficulty in hailing the moderns as excellent draftsman in the "Tsao" and "Big Seal" traditions of Chinese classic art . . .

Leonides V. Benesa, Saturday Mirror, Manila

Mr. Ju talks while he instructs-of philosophy, of techniques, of lore and of where life has led him in many years since his birth in Jiangsu, China. And because of his verbal aptitude coupled with unquestionable artistic dexterity his students take home with something more than Chinese brush technique. In addition to giving them a creative outlet, he has increased their worldly knowledge. ..a highly satisfying combination.

Susan Atkinson Fischer, Manila Daily Bulletin

Combining the subtle wash techniques and impressionistic "boneless" brush style of Chinese painting, I-Hsiung Ju has created the mystery and limitless possibilities of the oriental style in the wide landscapes of the United States and Canada. What might be rendered in a matter-of- fact way by a Western artist is infused with metaphysical dimension by I-Hsiung Ju. Many of his landscapes represent specific locations but at the same time they embody the spirit and essence of the life of the area.

Perhaps his most impressive paintings are his recent winter scenes, where he manages to capture the cold, brooding nature of the mountains, contrasted with the startling white pastures and snow-tipped trees.

During a workshop, I-Hsiung Ju is a virtuoso, painting different subjects on demand for each student-for one an exquisite peony, for another a tiger-his brush dancing across the paper while he fills his student's minds with Chinese history and philosophy.

Virginia Lloyd-Davies, Lexington, Virginia

I-Hsiung Ju is a Renaissance man, a well-rounded artist. He always has something to offer every student and that is what is really remarkable about him. He can meet every student's needs. Most Chinese master printers specialize in one subject, like birds or animals or landscapes, Ju can instruct his students in any subject -- something that continues to astound his students.

Constance Miller, The Rockbridge Weekly, Lexington, VA

Although he is internationally known and his works have been in exhibits all over the world, Ju for now, wants to remain a teacher, bring his talent to the student as expected of a master teacher.

"I think more about other people than myself," he said. "I think of myself as an educator, not an established artist. My mother once told me that, if you are a taker, you eat very well; but if you are a giver, you sleep very well. I sleep very well -- like a baby ."

Valarie Jackson, The News and Advance, Lynchburg, VA